What are the coolest Sunglasses for Guys?

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The arrival of summer means the sunglasses season is on the rise and that means it’s time to update your eyewear collection with some of the coolest sunshades. Sunglasses are not only to protect eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but they are also a recognized fashion accessory that gives you recognition and fame in your circle. Donning on some cool shades in the warm weather will definitely work as a game-changer for you and will add the chicest fashionable touch to your outfit. Every year, men go through the same prolonged hassle of picking the right shades and brooding over the struggle of finding the coolest sunglasses according to their face shape. Most of the time, they end up putting off the decision only to scoop a not-so-stylish pair at the last-minute-panic.   

If you are wondering what are the coolest sunglasses for guys, you have come to the right place. We have explored the question of the millennia to bring make your decision easier and to guide you through the vast variety of sunglasses for men, so you can pick the top shades.

1- Ray-Ban "Chromax"

Our number one pick is the Ray-Ban Cromax. The brand is one of the most popular ones when it comes to style and sun protection. Ray-Ban has been creating striking designs for many decades now and has become the first choice of buyers, especially in the boy's fashion.

Ray-Ban chromax
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

RayBan leathers
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

These sunglasses are most famous among the youth for their vibrant lenses and matchless designs birthing juxtaposition by bringing versatility and uniqueness to any outfit. The price range is also agreeable in the teen groups, depending on the varying stylish looks you get with these shades. Round, geometric or square, these sunglasses are all you need to rock your overall look.

2- The All-Time Classics

Classic eyewear is always one of the coolest and failsafe options if you are someone who gets tired of fancy sunglasses. These sunglasses are always in style and hard to beat. If you are the type of guy who doesn’t feel so good when you see someone else wearing the same shades as you, these sunglasses should be right up your alley.

Christian Dior 2138
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Carrera 5244 Sunjet 
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Gianni Versace 175
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Consider one of these coolest sunglasses for guys, and add a little vintage and classy flavor to the look.


3-The Total Swerves

Do you consider yourself a bona fide eyewear authority? If yes, our list may contain your favorite shades too, so skip the ones and head straight for some fancy and advanced-level frames.

Ferrari F2
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Ferrari F20 are luxury sports shades from the ‘90s that give a panoramic view from a single lens. This classic 1990’s rare article is Kylie Jenner approved. Grab a pair from our Genuine Vintage online store before someone else beats you to it.

Carrera 5452 by Movado
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Movado by Carrera is a vintage gem that is synonymous with excellence and durability. While Playboy 4518 is an exclusive series from the ‘80s.

Playboy 4518
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

4-The Geometrical Shades

Geometrically shaped sunglasses always piques the style, so if you wish to give your outfit a fashion boost, pick any of the following ones and give your summer look a unique arc.

Carrera 5453 by Movado
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses
Cottet 962
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses
YSL 4044
Image source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Round or square, geometrical shades bring the coolest look on your face. So what are you waiting for? Have a look at these fantastic geometrical frames and grab your favorite.

The Bottom Line  

There is no denying that sunglasses give a finishing touch to your summer look, and there is also no question that you need one of the coolest sunglasses for yourself to shield your eyes from the sun. Our list meets all your shades requirements and brings you the top-quality pieces as we discuss the coolest sunglasses for guys. So, if you are on the hunt for a perfect pair according to your facial features that are in fashion, stop here and grab the best eyewear for yourself.

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