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Vintage Porsche sunglasses

Carrera first introduced Porsche sunglasses in 1979, where they both created a partnership, which includes unique designs and top-of-the-line sunglasses. 

The Porsche sunglasses became one of the most popular brands since they were the first consumer brands that offered interchangeable lenses with various colors. The Safilo Group acquired the Austrian and German innovative company, Carrera, in 1996 since they were noticed due to their popularity of vintage Porsche sunglasses. 

Carrera was growing since they were responsible for designing and manufacturing the best sunglasses, which were easily foldable with various hinge points making them easier to fold within any small container. The sunglasses’ lenses were light, but they provided great vision and 100% UV light protection for the eyes preventing any harmful sun rays affecting sensitive eyes. A vintage Porsche sunglasses come with a hard black case and a velcro closure that holds a pouch to store spare lenses, which could all be found on our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses store. 

People who purchase sunglasses from Porsche know that their sunglasses have a certain standard and style since all their sunglasses are manufactured with the highest quality of material called polycarbonate, making the lens of Porsche Carrera sunglasses scratch and shatterproof resistant. 

Porsche has sunglasses proven to be relatively lightweight since titanium is being used in various frames to provide comfort and stability. The temples are made of polyamide and stainless steel to give a thin look to any Porsche Carrera sunglasses. All their sunglasses have various styles to please different people, giving them a decent and stylish look. Along with its sunglasses, Porsche has focused on making its logo by letting people believe its brand has a certain eminence.