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Porsche Design by Carrera vintage sunglasses
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Carrera entered the non-sports consumer market after 3 years of development when they introduced the first pair of Porsche Design by Carrera sunglasses in 1979. Carrera Porsche Design sunglasses were a completely unique, different, and revolutionary line of sunglasses. They evidenced the best of Austrian and German innovation, creating the first consumer sunglasses that offered interchangeable lenses of different colors. In addition, Carrera designed and manufactured incredible folding sunglasses with multiple hinge points that allowed it to fold into a space no larger than a single lens. Carrera Porsche Design lenses were surprisingly light yet offered excellent visual acuity and 100% UV protection for the eyes. Most Carrera sunglasses with interchangeable lens come with a hard black case shaped to suit the frames precisely, and the top has a velcrow closure that holds a felt pouch which stores the spare lenses.

While Carrera still makes sunglasses today, they like many designers have allowed their logo to take prominence in the design - This trend we do not adhere  at Genuine Vintage  Sunglasses and we don’t mind to admit it! We like vintage Carrera sunglasses from the late 1970s - 1990s, a period which was characterized by the Porsche Design 5621 and slightly smaller 5623 models. These featured interchangeable lenses which most commonly included a subtly photochromatic brown lens and a smokey gray lens that grew darker in sunlight. Variations of these colors are also avidly sought by collectors and fashion afficianados.