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Vintage Bollé Sunglasses

The Bollé story started in Oyonnax, France, in '88, where Seraphim Bollé started his company. After world war II, Bollé led the way in molding nylon to the world’s highest standards, where they provided one of the best sunglasses. Most people nowadays consider these as vintage Bolle sunglasses. Safety sunglasses and goggles were added to the Bollé line in 1950, and in 1956 Georges Bollé created the famous nylon "cat-eye" sunglasses. In 1960, ski goggles were first marketed by Bollé, and from there, they led the industry in product innovations. 

The Bollé family raised the business from a small cottage industry to one of the world's most prominent protective eyewear manufacturers. Vintage Bolle sunglasses have long been known for their lightweight, shatterproof lenses, virtually indestructible Hydralon frames, and sport-specific technologies. Overall, Bolle sunglasses have excellent quality and stylish looks that people could use on any occasion. 

Retro Bolle frames: Acrilex 396, Irex 100, Microedge...

Almost 100 years later, Bollé products are still worn all over the world. Bollé has developed particular strength in the sports specialty markets of snow sports, golf, tennis, marine, and eyewear that meets everyday needs. Since 1888, this precision eyewear company had been crafting sunglasses, ski goggles, and safety sunglasses of the finest materials available. The company is now owned by the Bushnell Corporation, which has changed hands several times subsequently. Almost anyone obsessed with sunglasses would agree that there is no substitute for vintage Bolle sunglasses production. 

Spectra & Ski Collection

Bolle has always had a reputation within the sports industry due to its nylon-designed sunglasses, making its customers feel safe and comfortable. Vintage Bolle sunglasses help shield your eyes from any danger due to their robust quality. The design and style of sunglasses created long ago make it hard to find due to its high demand. Our only focus here at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses is collecting the models manufactured in the golden years of the ‘70s through the ‘90s.