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Vintage Versace Sunglasses

Gianni Versace is usually referred to as Versace, an Italian luxury fashion company that is globally renowned for its beautiful accessories and Versace vintage sunglasses. Today, it is a status of wealth and a higher status symbol. Among the accessories that became the trademark for Versace were its sunglasses. Some of the iconic pieces that became the definition of Versace can easily be found on our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses store. 

Coming to the existence of such a class brand, Gianni Versace was founded in 1978. The logo of Versace is the head of Medusa, the notorious Greek mythological figure. This isn't all to the story behind the logo. It came from the floor of ruins in Calabria's area in Italy that the Versace siblings played as children. 

Authentic 90s Gianni Versace Sunglasses

The logo also held significance for Gianni because Medusa could make people fall in love with her, and there was no going back then. With similar spirits, Gianni hoped that his company would induce the same effect on the people and on those who sported his creations. 

Safe to say, Versace retro sunglasses, to this day, have the same effect on people. Those timeless pieces never go out of style, and your Genuine Vintage Sunglasses have them all. If we don't, we can always arrange the originals for you. You can never go wrong with Versace vintage frames; if anything, they add the necessary oomph in your overall look, and you are all sorted. 

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One of Versace's best frames came to be known for its innovative designs having flashy symbolic prints and bright colors with style, and was very famous among high-profile rappers in the 80s such as 'Biggie Smalls' and some others that made these frames even more significant than their original value.