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Vintage Aviator Sunglasses 

Vintage aviator sunglasses have never gone out of fashion despite being more than 80 years old. Thanks to the number of celebrities who opt for them, these lenses have become a cult object: Lenny Kravitz or Tom Cruise are some of the celebrities who have worn these models. That's why at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses we invite you to get yours at an incredible price, come and discover them!

Actually, the retro aviator sunglasses were created and launched to the market inspired by U.S Army pilots in World War II. Many are the celebrities we have seen with them: models, singers, actors and more. No one can resist the charms of vintage sunglasses. Now representing a fashion icon, pilot sunglasses are unisex, as they can be worn by both men and women, making them very versatile.

What do our retro aviator glasses have to offer?

An unmistakable design that never goes out of style, vintage aviator sunglasses regardless of the unique details: shapes, colors and the model of your choice. Retro aviator glasses, in addition to protecting your eyesight, have created a style of their own that is truly legendary. These sunglasses are particularly suitable for faces with angular features, as their curved, pear-shaped lines soften these features.

In addition, they are characterized by their design and large dimensions, with lenses three times larger than the sphere of the eye. Genuine Vintage Sunglasses offers you the opportunity to purchase them with polarized, mirrored or prescription lenses. Among our wide selection, you are sure to find the ones that suit you best. There are all brands, from the cheapest to the most exclusive designs, you have hundreds of models to choose from!

What are the advantages of our retro aviator frames?

You may think that among so many models it will not be easy to find retro aviator glasses that convince you completely. To make your search a comfortable and easy experience, you have our website where you can see each of our models.

The best thing is that you have completely free warranty to try on retro aviator glasses at home and return them to us if you are not completely satisfied, with no obligation on your part. In addition, we can advise you on prescription sunglasses if you need it. Our team of optical experts will be happy to help you.