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Vintage Bugatti Sunglasses: The most luxury retro frames

Bugatti released their first eyewear collections in the 1960s. However, the most popular vintage Bugatti frames were made in the 80s and 90s. Shop our collection of vintage Bugatti sunglasses and glasses frames you can find in our online boutique.

The Bugatti brand has always been a reflection of high quality and luxury. Right from the start. It is one of the most outstanding references of the moment and implies the high professionalism with which they crafted their products.

Vintage Bugatti Wood frames & glasses

Bugatti Vintage Sunglasses are the most exclusive frames in the optical sector. We have different models that are gold plated designed with 100% real gold, you can have a look at our different styles.

A lot of Bugatti collectors are looking for these rare Bugatti frames. Just be surprised by the quality and exclusivity of Bugatti vintage eyeglasses. These glasses will stay with you for many years due to their high quality standards, so we can say they are worth every penny!


Bugatti authentic models: Odotype, Etore, 80’s, aviators…

We have a special catalogue of Bugatti glasses. In our catalogue we include different Bugatti models like: aviators Sunglasses, oval Sunglasses, Odotype Sunglasses, rimless Sunglasses, Luxury eyeglasses, gold frames, round Sunglasses and so on...

If you are looking for your next Bugatti glasses… You are in the right place! Discover the last models we have available for you and choose your next pair of vintage Bugatti sunglasses.

Bugatti retro glasses for women & men

The extensive catalogue of Bugatti retro glasses include frames for women and men. The Bugatti glasses are designed with the most expensive materials for a very demanding public. Have a look at our Bugatti vintage glasses for men and women and choose your best option.