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In 1888, the Julbo Sunglasses company founder, Jules Baud, designed the first protective eyewear for men who were hunting crystals in the French Alps. Soon after, Julbo mountaineering glasses became the most worn and respected eye protection on ice.

Their traditional Julbo Sunglasses for mountaineering were timeless pieces, a signature of their mountain history. Rockstars, mountaineers, steampunk lovers and Julbo fans from all walks of life have sung their praise. We only offer these vertu vintage frames from Julbo in France made in the '80s and '90s at Genuines Vintage Sunglasses. The exclusively available eyewear is not easily found in stores irrespective of the size and nature. The chances are even less if you look for Julbo Sunglasses to remain on offer in online stores. 

The scarcity of the brand stresses and highlights the demand for these sunglasses. Julbo sunglasses will continue to be loved, admired, and wanted internationally. The brand equity of Julbo Sunglasses is unmatchable, which is why we leave no stone unturned in placing it on our store for you.