About us


Genuine vintage sunglasses from the 70's/80's/90's

We offer you EXCLUSIVELY original vintage designer sunglasses that are no longer available in general or optic stores. Each pair has its own history and is frequently handmade or composed with the best materials using a very high grade of engineering, keeping a tremendous value, often even more then in the day they were made and sold.

We have the biggest vintage Carrera collection worldwide and share a strong passion for the brand, made and designed by Wilhelm Anger from Austria, wich has been our inspiration and rolmodel since day 1 we opened up our shop here at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses! He was also the big man behind the Boeing Collection, Porsche Design by Carrera and Optyl, wich you can find in many frames we offer.

We are proud to show you our complete collection from the golden era with these and other exclusive designer brands as Cazal, Alpina, Lacoste, Alfred Dunhill, Playboy, Cébe Eyewear and so on. Including even the more rare and hard to find brands made by Carrera as Movado, Boss and Sunjet.

Many of these vintage brands are worn by celebrities in movies or for private use, only some of them are the Kardashians, Jhonny Depp, Rihana, Brad Pitt, Jamecia Baker, Snoop Dog, Angelina Jolie, Yoko Ono, Rick Ross, Al Pacino in "Scarface" and many more.