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Christian Dior Vintage Sunglasses 

Christian Dior has played a significant role in fashion history; with some iconic Christian Dior sunglasses and other ready-to-wear eyewear, the early days of eyewear fashion were forever revolutionized. Some of the finest Christian Dior glasses, now Dior vintage frames, got the star-status after being endorsed and worn by famous A-list celebrities.

To this day, those vintage Dior retro sunglasses exude the spirit of high-end fashion and add a level of sophistication to your overall look. With a perfect balance of chic, glamor, and style - one cannot miss out on the collection.. 

'Freedom is the motto, celebrating the perfect melt between contemporary design and a feminine spirit.'

Christian Dior vintage sunglasses are unique, daring pieces, with a totally groundbreaking design and always in line with the latest trends. Made with the most innovative materials to create totally exclusive collections.

Christian Dior History

Christian Dior was a fashion designer who has become a worldwide reference. His career was not easy and was always framed by effort and hard work. He began as a couturier to later become the name in capital letters of fashion worldwide.

An interesting fact is that Christian Dior, born in a city of France, had a peculiar history that begins around 1905 in the heart of a family of high social status. His love and devotion for art led him in 1935 to start selling fashion sketches to different Parisian couture houses, thanks to this venture he was hired as a designer in companies in the city.

Although the big leap came five years later when Marcel Boussac, the great textile entrepreneur, decided to finance the couture house of Christian Dior. This is how this young designer was gradually integrated into the fashion world, in 1947 he launched his first collection and it was a success. Soon the international press gave him a place of importance in their headlines, which helped to spread the work of Dior and give popularity to the firm.

However, it was in 1949, he opened his first boutique in New York City and soon became the largest exporter of fashion in the world. Unfortunately, in 1957 he died and after his death they knew how to recover from the tragedy with changes in management and signing of the best designers from around the world, until the current Raf Simons. In order to become one of the most exclusive brands with the top accessories such as vintage Christian Dior sunglasses, which we offer you at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses.

Christian Dior Retro Optyl for Women & Men

Genuine Vintage Sunglasses offers a range of Christian Dior Optyl sunglasses designs according to what you are looking for. We have a wide variety for sale in various presentations, such as brown, a quite popular color, but you can also select frames in gray, beige, black and many other colors.

If you are looking for Christian Dior vintage glasses from a specific time period, our collection is diverse and extensive, and you will find at least one that dates back to the 1970's.

No matter your age or general fashion sensibility, wearing sunglasses can already be part of your daily outdoor routine because of their practicality. Christian Dior retro sunglasses not only protect your eyes from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays, and not just on sunny days. Eyewear that uses color-enhancing lenses with specific coatings or filter tints can limit the amount of light that enters, while polarized lenses substantially reduce glare.

Looking for Christian Dior 2056?

Christian Dior vintage eyeglasses feature a brand new original beveled design, manufactured by Christian Dior in 1970 & 1980. This is your only chance to get these stunning glasses with brand new lenses and you can only do it with us.

These glasses are fully polished and professionally fitted by an Optical Lab. The stunning Christian Dior retro sunglasses have been worn by Christina Aguilera, Jlo, Paris Hilton, (pictured) Brittany, Nicole Richie and many others, so you can look your best.

Christian Dior Retro Glasses for Women & Men

Dior and Tura's collaboration is another one for the books and dates back to 1969. Since that year, Christian Dior vintage shades were made by the American firm 'Tura' and the Enamel style was inspired by old fashion-jewelry. This happened during the time Christian Dior brand was looking for a change and elevating its own brand image, hoping to gear it towards an innovative line of high-quality Dior pieces.  

The cannage and the oval details were birthed through more traditional approaches featuring a modern reinterpretation of the heritage signature codes. High-quality manufacturing techniques combined with Dior's creative spirit to celebrate Maison's elegance and savoir-faire for a powerful stylistic statement gave birth to beautiful frames that instantly made a mark in the fashion industry.

80s & 90s models: Butterfly, gold, pink, rimless, shield, y2k...

There are very few stores online and physical that sell original vintage Dior eyeglasses, and our store, 'Genuine Vintage Sunglasses,' is definitely an excellent place for you to start. With the most iconic Dior vintage 90s sunglasses in-store, we provide the best service and guaranteed satisfaction.