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Christian Dior Vintage Sunglasses 

Christian Dior has played a significant role in fashion history; with some iconic Christian Dior sunglasses and other ready-to-wear eyewear, the early days of eyewear fashion were forever revolutionized. Some of the finest Christian Dior glasses, now Dior vintage frames, got the star-status after being endorsed and worn by famous A-list celebrities. To this day, those Dior retro sunglasses exude the spirit of high-end fashion and add a level of sophistication to your overall look. With a perfect balance of chic, glamor, and style - one cannot miss out on the collection, be it vintage or brand new sunglasses. 


'Freedom is the motto, celebrating the perfect melt between contemporary design and a feminine spirit.'

Christian Dior Retro Glasses for Women & Men

Dior and Carrera's collaboration is another one for the books and dates back to 1969. Since that year, Christian Dior vintage shades were made by the American firm 'Tura' and the style was inspired by old fashion-jewelry. This happened during the time Christian Dior brand was looking for a change and elevating its own brand image, hoping to gear it towards an innovative line of high-quality Dior pieces.  

The cannage and the oval details were birthed through more traditional approaches featuring a modern reinterpretation of the heritage signature codes. High-quality manufacturing techniques combined with Dior's creative spirit to celebrate Maison's elegance and savoir-faire for a powerful stylistic statement gave birth to beautiful frames that instantly made a mark in the fashion industry.

80s & 90s models: Butterfly, gold, pink, rimless, shield, y2k...

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