413 3 Weeks ago
The Ray-Ban "Shooter" worn by Johnny Depp, during his crazy adventures in the movie "Fear & loathing in Las Vegas" has become a true legend during the last decades.
It comes as a full 10k gold frame and was made by Bausch and Lomd in Rochester, USA.
You will recognize this vintage pair by it's iconic "Bullithole" in the middle, wich made the producers back in the day pull the trigger to use this particular frame during this awesome movie!
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134 1 Month ago
Plain elegance from the 70's by Yves Saint Laurent.
Thin lightweight "Havana" frame with a clear brown gradient lens by YSL represent 1st class comfort that were only available for few back in the day, now available in our shop with more pictures and details along with other precious vintage models made by these exquisite fashion engineers from France!
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"Trough the night"

145 1 Month ago
Parodic music video "Trough the night" from the 80's as an ode to the beloved "Miami Vice" tv show.
The lead actors from the band "Grum" went so far they even got on matching Carrera sunglasses from that era to make it complete, check below to see more of this nostalgic Carrera 5547 that we have available in diferent colors!
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134 1 Month ago
Recently sold to one of our good clients before we were able to put them up for sale in our vintage sunglasses shop, it shows again that these Gianni Versace shades always fly out the door once we get our hands on them!
Stay tuned to our new old stock collection wich we are updating for you every week with just arrived models from different exclusive designer brands from the past and get your hands on one of these treasures before its to late!
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455 1 Month ago
Famous vintage folding aviator designed for pilots made in the 80's, worn by Al Pacino as "Tony Montana" in the movie "Scarface".
During the movie the black model was used, but we also offer the golden and silver model that were far less produced and are considered true COLLECTORS ITEMS nowadays, while they also bring a real classy and distinguished gentlemen look!
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182 1 Month ago
It didn't take us long before this custom pair of Longines got sold..  In fact, we haven't been able to put it online before one of our good customers got a hold of it and fastly pulled the trigger on them!
With this impression you can get at least a glimpse of this all titanium frame with custom mineral full mirrored lenses.
If you ever have any special desires or demands, or need a model in particular with these killer full mirrored or other lenses give us a heads up and we will be glad to help you out with all of your special demands!
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177 1 Month ago
Iconic vintage sunglasses from the 80's by Carrera, famous for their multiple apearence in many shows and movies like Miami Vice, Narcos, Blow and so on.
Available at our shop in new and pre-owned condition due to it's high demand. FORZA CARRERA!!
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189 1 Month ago
Ultra rare all golden vintage UVEX "04S" sunglasses shining proudly in the Altea Hills skyline, it doesn't get more classy then this!
Probably the only one available in all gold and mint condition in the whole wide world.. Yet we were able to get our hands on one of these true genuine pairs thanks to our good friends over at Uvex Wintersports, thanks again for this amazing collectors item!
You can find all Uvex vintage shades inlcuding this one at our new Uvex vintage sunglasses section online at our shop Genuine Vintage Sunglasses
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316 1 Month ago
Tony Montana in "Scarface" relaxing by the water after a long day off work, still wearing his gentlemen outfit in all this heat!!
He was also very fond of his Porsche Design by Carrera 5622 foldable sunglasses, made by Carrera wich he wore to several occasions. One of our best selling models here at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop since day one, always available in our online vintage collection because of it's high demand and supreme engineering and quality!
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193 2 Months ago
In honor of the great movie "Black Mass" and in memory of the recently passed away "Whitey Bulger" we give you a some insight on the vintage Porsche Design by Carrera 5621 sunglasses Johnny Depp was wearing during the recording of this blockbuster. Check our webshop to find out wich color combinatios we have currently available in our collection at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses as they come and go fast every week!
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