We offer EXCLUSIVELY original designer vintage frames sunglasses that are no longer available in general or optic stores. Each pair at our Vintage Sunglasses shop has its history of being handmade or composed with the best materials using a very high grade of engineering and keeping a tremendous value intact.

Here at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses, we have the largest Vintage Carrera collections worldwide and a reputation of being the top Vintage Sunglasses shop online catering to multiple countries that include the United States, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. If you are a resident of our targeted countries and willing to get your hands on some unique vintage frames sunglasses, then get in loop with our team.

We value Carrera and share a strong passion for the brand, made and designed by Wilhelm Anger from Austria, who has been our inspiration and role model since the first day we opened up our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop! He was also the big man behind the Boeing vintage frames Collection, Porsche Design by Carrera and Optyl, which you can find in many frames we offer besides Carrera.

Online Store for Rare Vintage Sunglasses

You are at the right place to buy original and genuine designer vintage sunglasses from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

These vintage frames sunglasses never go out of style and become a statement piece within your wardrobe.

Keep it classy with these vintage glasses from high-end brands.

Exclusive Designer Brands

We are proud to show you our complete collection of vintage frames sunglasses, from the golden era with these and other exclusive designer brands as Cazal, Alpina, Lacoste, Alfred Dunhill, Playboy, Cébe Eyewear, and many more. Including even the rarer and hard-to-find brands made by Carrera such as Movado, Boss, and Sunjet. These Vintage frames are some of the best vintage old school sunglasses for sale, they will never go out of style or demand and we will ensure their value.

Vintage Sunglasses Shop - A Separate League

Vintage Sunglasses Shop - A Separate League

Vintage sunglasses have a whole different fan-base that appreciate the original designs released by some of their favourite top brands in the past. For many, vintage glasses are a statement that defines their sense of style. This is why many people are collectors of all-things-vintage, that includes sunglasses as well.

Every pair that you see in our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop has a story behind it; many of these frames have been worn by the super stars of the past. Others made a mark one way or another. All in all, we have the best sunglasses for men and women in our store. If you are looking for something unique that stands for authentic design and quality, you will find it in our store. Because, our vintage frames sunglasses serve equally as a symbol of uniqueness, to your style statement.

From the vintage frames, color schemes, to the smallest of details surrounding the vintage sunglasses for women and the original vintage sunglasses for men - everything was unique to that time and having that original piece with you is like owning something from the time gone by.

Retro Sunglasses and Frames for Women's and men's


All the products are originals?

All our sunglasses and accessories are original, we always deliver all the available material, including the original packaging if possible. 

Are all the products sanitized and disinfected?

All of our vintage sunglasses are professionally cleaned in a special ultrasonic machine that clears all residue in corners and hard to reach places making them cleaner and ready for use, once they arrive at your doorstep.

What payment methods are available?

We accept payments with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, in addition to Paypal and iDeal.

What is the shipping time?

Shipments are made in an estimated time of 2 or 3 days. If you are located in EEUU or Canada the vintage sunglasses can arrive before 10 days, all orders with tracking number.

Meet the Team Behind Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop is a small team of dedicated opticians and avid lovers of timeless vintage pieces. Founded in 2017, the vintage frames company has since grown to be known as an authentic place to find some of the finest vintage sunglasses from top-of-the-line brands such as Lacoste, Ferrari, Carrera, Gianni Versace, and many more. When it comes to assisting customers with exclusive vintage frames sunglasses, we make sure to count on all retro brands.

We aspire to not just sell original designer vintage sunglasses that were all the rage in the 70s, 80s, and the 90s, but also ensure that our service reflects our values. The expertise of the entire team at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop reflects within the quality of the products in-store along with the service provided to our customers. Rest assured, you are in great hands and will be catered to with utmost transparency.

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What are vintage sunglasses?

Vintage Sunglasses are authentic eyewear that was manufactured in the past classical decades. Each decade had a unique style. Bold and colorful vintage frames were popular in the 40s, while the 50s brought the cat-eye sunglasses. In the 60s, women were wearing square-rimmed sunglasses, and the 80s introduced Wayfarer and Clubmaster.

With the modeling industry on the rise during the 60s, 70s, and 80s, vintage eyewear caught the attention of many at the time and grew in fame. They were an instant hit among the ladies and men then, and haven’t gone out of style ever since. Now you can pick out your favourite vintage frames from our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop including 80's designer sunglasses.

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Why do People Love Vintage Sunglasses?

The obsession behind designer Vintage Sunglasses is more of a notion. The ownership of a prized possession – a unique item that is no longer available to the rest of the world – sets you apart.

Glasses are plotted on the timeline of a Golden Era, and each set is labeled with a unique story to tell. Our love for designer Vintage Sunglasses is deep-rooted in the patriotism of history that we can no longer access, turning our desire into obsession. Sunglasses are your valued possession that will open the door to many social platforms and serve as a key to boosting unlimited confidence and self-esteem.

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How can you tell if sunglasses are vintage?

The term "vintage" describes an object that is at the very least fifty years old, making vintage Sunglasses decades-old and original. Each vintage eyewear is one-of-a-kind and is often handmade. Being manufactured in countries reputed for their high-standard production, Vintage Sunglasses are of the highest standards and have maintained their value even decades later.

Vintage Sunglasses has an eye for all things vintage and a team of experts that verify each product's true legacy. You can rely on our eyewear's authenticity by taking comfort in the fact that Genuine Vintage Sunglasses has years of experience in collecting authentic vintage frames. It is one of the largest retailers of original eyewear and has managed to retain its product's quality and value.

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