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Zeiss Vintage Sunglasses

Zeiss is considered a remarkable brand since 1908 as they were the first ones that introduced prescription lenses in eyewear frames. Zeiss sunglasses were later introduced, which helped protect the eyes from harmful sun rays and improved vision at the same time.
Zeiss has a pervasive history in all types of related lens products, ranging from cameras to sunglasses. All of these are top-notch, first-grade, high-end manufactured products.
We only offer the old Zeiss vintage sunglasses with - if possible - the original mineral Zeiss lenses here at our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses store! With its stylish and unique designs, each pair of sunglasses from Zeiss is reminiscent of good old times and would give the wearer a caress of classic elegant looks.

The classic Zeiss Umbral Frames

Many other eyewear manufacturers wanted to collaborate with Zeiss at that time because of its outstanding quality, especially their lenses. All the Zeiss sunglasses are durable and flexible, with sweat-proof, dirt-proof, anti-reflective, anti-static, and scratch-resistant eyewear that provides absolute comfort. We use these sunlenses in many of our frames as they are the best on the market, no better way to complete a pair of vintage sunglasses, only the best of the best go hand in hand is our vision here at the Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop