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Vintage sunglasses are a unique accessory, although they are a highly functional and a necessary part of everyone’s wardrobe, they still somehow manage to create an air of rebellion. Not only do shades protect one’s eyes from the harsh glare of the sun, they have also the added bonus of the ability to make just about anyone look cool. In fact, sun protection was not the initial reason for the invention of tinted glasses. Rather, it was their ability to exude an air of “cool” or “though” initially, not in a rebellious sense. You probably have a sentimental attachment to your favorite pair of shades. They are essential for long road trips, bikeathons, and family vacations at the beach. Plus, they make you look cooler, even if you’re a total dweeb. Pretty much everyone loves a good pair of sunglasses, making them excellent giveaways at a variety of events.

Nowadays more and more people are spending part of their disposable income on designer vintage sunglasses. The latest global eyewear industry forecast suggests continuous growth for the segment in the $102 billion industry, with demand largely driven by the sunglasses’s “fashion quotient.“
What turns Snoopy into Joe Cool? A pair of vintage sunglasses. Some wear them to be cool, others to save their eyes, but sunglasses have become a culture of their own.