Boeing Vintage Sunglasses Collection by Carrera
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Boeing Vintage Sunglasses

The Boeing Collection by Carrera (made from gilded metal) was part of the collaboration between Boeing and Carrera to design and produce a high performance eyewear collection for pilots as well as for the fashion-conscious public. The first styles were introduced in 1986. The main purpose was for flying and the technology that fueled the sunglasses has remained relatively unchanged to this day, pairing high anti-glare lenses with extremely lightweight frames.The designer brand was born from a performance and technology background and it has always been faithful to it's values. Boeing by Carrera was the first partnership between an aviation company and an eyewear brand. 
The quality craftsmanship of Carrera, mixed with the superior engineering of Boeing, made for one of the most well-made and stylish aviator frames of all time. The attractive design, coupled with innovative technology, achieved great success in the marketplace. 
Boeing sunglasses were not just worn by pilots, they were worn by everybody as an iconic fashion accessory of all times.