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Vintage Round Sunglasses

Among the fashion trends, retro round sunglasses stand out. The truth is that both men's and women's vintage sunglasses are very stylish and flattering. In addition, they bring to the present the style of the great icons of music, film and fashion of the 60s, 70s and 80s. And you can look with the same class, style and charm with them!

These iconic lines look especially good on those with oval, square or slender faces. Is this your case? Then you'll look great in them. The thin frame offered by this type of vintage round eye glasses is very elegant and provides a lightness that is perceived both in aesthetics and comfort of use.

Just choose the model of vintage round glasses that you like to protect and look retro, with the colors you prefer.

What types of vintage round glasses will you find? 

Retro fashion is expressed in small circle vintage glasses, with different styles. In Genuine Vintage Sunglasses we have models of vintage round eye glasses of all kinds, from vintage models with metal and plastic frames, or even models in which various materials are combined.

Therefore, you will find vintage round glasses with contrast between the lenses and the frame and let the glasses stand out on your face. Mirrored lenses are the most groundbreaking, and the latest trends point to colored lenses. If you want polarized or prescription lenses, take a look at our catalog, we have everything you can imagine! As for the shape, we have frames with the perfect circle for your face.

Great advantages when buying your retro circle sunglasses at our shop

·        We have a huge variety of models for you to choose your favorite vintage round eye glasses.

·        We offer the best quality lenses, anti-reflective, UV filter and hardening treatment.

·        The lenses are manufactured by the principally brands and designers.

·        We guarantee our products.

And remember, if you have any doubts, you have the option of contacting our customer service experts so that you can ask your questions.