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 Clear Vintage Sunglasses

One of the fashions that will never go out of fashion is the transparent sunglasses from the 80's and here at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses.

Made with the best material to provide comfort and protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays, these are an excellent choice for casual wear wherever you go.

What do our vintage clear glasses frames offer?

The clear vintage glasses are distinguished by the discreet glass color, and for highlighting much more your look. Like the other fashionable glasses, this model also offers you a lot of versatility and comfort.

Clear sunglasses will allow you to feel like you are wearing a rimless frame model. This way, you will be able to have a much wider vision, as well as less obstructions as opposed to dark lenses.

Usually, dark or colored lenses hide your look and always go unnoticed. On the contrary, our clear vintage sunglasses will always make your look the protagonist.

You can also combine them with any article of clothing, since the versatility of this type of sunglasses is unparalleled, and you can use them with your look, having different colors that you can select that you plan to use to create your outfit of the day. 

Why buy our clear vintage sunglasses? 

The advantages of clear sunglasses do not end, as they can be used by both men and women. Anyone who wants to stay in tune with the fashion trends can use our range of products.

These have been around for years, however, now when they have started to become trendy again. You can choose them in different types of plastics or other materials to suit your needs and style.

Also, when you buy them you will be making a good investment, becuase this type of vintage clear glasses frames are very resistant and there are a lot of models for you to dare to wear them. If you like versatility, they are right for you.