What are Vintage Sunglasses? – All about Vintage Sunglasses

991 1 Year ago

'Vintage' is a standard linguistic jargon that refers to all accessories of the past few eras. Anything that falls into the vintage category holds a significant value and follows the standard fashion requirements.

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Obsession with Vintage – Vintage Sunglasses: The All-Time Favorites

803 1 Year ago

Our love for everything vintage is never-ending. When you are drawn towards an old antique piece of art instead of the mass-produced product, have you wondered why these vintage products have such a deep value attached to them compared to the mass-produced objects? Maybe if we shift our focus on 'how' rather than 'why,' we may be able to get to the bottom of this.

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1160 1 Year ago
Infamous vintage Carrera sunglasses with a true sport vibe, rare designer collectors piece from the early 80's made in high quality material Optyl.
We always tend to have enough pieces in stock as we are often asked by movie and styling people to deliver multiple pieces at once for their productions of the lately popular "Narcos" and other popular similar 80's shows that revived the scene completely!
Check down below for all actual available colors
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729 1 Year ago
We proudly present you the first sunglasses model ever made by Alfred Dunhill!!
A high resistant crystal yellow "Optyl" frame with custom lenses to top of their perfection and class,
Available in large size with light blue lens and medium size with a brown gradient lens
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1124 1 Year ago
Vintage Gianni Versace sunglasses in it's full glory, same pair in the exact same color "gold & red" now available at our shop!
We have sold many of this particular now over the years but never in the same color, so for us here at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses the perfect day to make an homage to these fine beauties from the golden era!
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1147 1 Year ago
Killer vintage Porsche Design by Carrera oversized sunglasses, made famous by Yoko Ono back in the 80's.
Every day harder to get by, wanted fashion icon by many
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