What to Do with Your Old Sunglasses?

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Are your grandma’s glasses from the 1950s still lying somewhere in your closet? or have you been hanging on to those cool vintage frames of dad’s because you just can’t throw them away? Many eyewear from the past decades goes into hiding and often knock at you with questions like what to do with your old sunglasses. You occasionally find them peeking from under the car seats, back of the drawers, or old beach bags. It is high time that you put these sunglasses to good use.

Vintage sunglasses are of high quality that survives the test of time, but what to do with old sunglasses when they become unfashionable? It is a fact that they retain value even if you haven’t been so good to them in the past. The sturdy frame rims that once seemed unbreakable may have rendered brittle over time, and you might be wondering what to do with old sunglasses? Well, old sunglasses can still be recycled and put to better use. All you have to do is gear up your art skills, and you will be flaunting a new look with your same old pair in no time.

Start by taking the shades to the eyewear expert so they can look over the issues. Once you know where the problem lies, you can figure out a solution. If the frames have outgrown your taste, it is better to utilize the material and donate the shades instead of throwing off the unwanted plastic to waste.

Three Ways You Can Recycle your Old Sunglasses

The following are the three ways that tell us what to do with old sunglasses:

Sell them

Many people love wearing vintage and would go to lengths to get their hands on a genuine pair. If you have become tired of your old frames, you can post an ad online or offer them up in a garage sale. Research about the product first so you can strike a bargain deal that benefits both you and the buyer.

Donate them

Vintage frames can also be turned into prescribed glasses. The best way to put them to use is to donate them. Several organizations in the US offer services to those who need eye care but couldn’t afford it. You can contact one of these organizations and trust that your product will reach the ones in desperate need but can’t afford it.

Even if you have an old prescription or reader’s sunglasses lying around the house that may or may not be vintage, it is about time that you pack them and send them out. Those in need will not care if the pair is scratched or used. Your one unwanted old eyewear can help a kid complete his education and make a massive difference in his life.

Revive them

This blog discusses what to do with old sunglasses. With each passing day, we are harming the environment by filling the earth with plastic waste. Our one small recycling effort can impact the environment in significant ways.

Some people think it is a crime to waste a sturdy pair of vintage sunglasses that have only been smudged on the edges, and rightly so. Something this good should not go to waste. Channel your inner craftsman and give your old sunglasses a creative touch. However, if you are low on inspiration, you can check out the several DIY videos that surface on YouTube every day.

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