1101 1 Year ago
Ultra rare all golden vintage UVEX "04S" sunglasses shining proudly in the Altea Hills skyline, it doesn't get more classy then this!
Probably the only one available in all gold and mint condition in the whole wide world.. Yet we were able to get our hands on one of these true genuine pairs thanks to our good friends over at Uvex Wintersports, thanks again for this amazing collectors item!
You can find all Uvex vintage shades inlcuding this one at our new Uvex vintage sunglasses section online at our shop Genuine Vintage Sunglasses
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What glasses does Tony Montana wear?

3666 1 Year ago

Tony Montana in "Scarface sunglasses" relaxing by the water after a long day off work, still wearing his gentlemen outfit in all this heat!!

He was also very fond of his Porsche Design by Carrera 5622 foldable sunglasses, made by Carrera which he wore on several occasions. One of our bestselling models here at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop since day one, always available in our online vintage collection because of its high demand and supreme engineering and quality!


Porsche Design by Carrera 5622 made in W.Germany, 1980s

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1320 1 Year ago
In honor of the great movie "Black Mass" and in memory of the recently passed away "Whitey Bulger" we give you a some insight on the vintage Porsche Design by Carrera 5623 sunglasses Johnny Depp was wearing during the recording of this blockbuster. Check our webshop to find out wich color combinatios we have currently available in our collection at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses as they come and go fast every week!
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876 1 Year ago
Showing you one of the top selling models made in the 80's by sexy and extravagant designer brand PLAYBOY. The time that Hugh Heffner was still smiling, smoking and ruling his empire will never be forgotten here at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses. Every day we are expanding our stock in these wanted vintage playboy glasses as they get harder and harder to find every day and have become true COLLECTORS ITEMS!!!
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848 1 Year ago
Ultra rare gold plated vintage sunglasses made for pilots, manufactured by Carrera especially for Boeing in the golden era. With our passion and love for the brand you will find here in our shop the biggest vintage sunglasses collection worldwide that stands for all Boeing, Porsche and other brands like Movado and Sunjet that worked with Carrera back in the day!
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896 1 Year ago
Now this is RARE! Castillo wearing his Porsche Design by Carrera 5621 behind the scenes and giving up a smile??
Must be his day off or some shit :)
Here at our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop we always have some pair available in diferent colors all year round because they keep being highly demanded after all these years. If you want your own special custom pair let us know and we will search the pair you want or have made the custom color of lens you desire!
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Dubai at it's finest

1478 1 Year ago
Jamecia Baker showing her golden version of the famous & wanted vintage "Yoko Ono" sunglasses, and a little piece of the beautifull Dubai sunset as well!
It's no secret stars know what to wear and what is hot nowadays! We always have a couple in stock, just in case...
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Vintage Carrera 5401 "Custom Gold"

1351 1 Year ago
Crown of the jewel customized Carrera 5401 sunglasses in gold with "Blue Mist" lenses!
These iconic shades show us the very beginning of the famous 5400 Carrera collection by Wilhelm Anger. What would we be without.... CARRERA!!!
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Sun is shining at GVS

1854 1 Year ago
Finally that sun we have all been waiting for has arrived! Let the summer begin!!!
This summer we will be showing you a lot more models and exclusive pairs just like this Dunhill that has just been sold to one of our returning customers, more are on the way allready as we speak!!
Don't forget we are open all week and ship out over night with prior shipping, even now during the COVID19 we offer you the same fast service so your shades arrive ASAP !!!
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Our top selling brands. Discover our glasses

2555 1 Year ago
A short but strong impression of the world-famous "Miami Vice" Don Johnson, showing his favourite pair of shades from that era. The Carrera 5512 is not only a true icon and collector's item but also a bold fashion statement, that shows more and more demand year after year.
With our love and passion for this nostalgic brand, we decided to make it our first and strongest post in our new column "Press Room".
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