What are the Best Sunglasses?

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Skipping shades on a hot day means making it through the long day of squinting followed by an inevitable headache. Sunglasses are your essential accessory in the summers, working their way up to add a finishing glam to your summer outlook along with serving as an eye-protector from harsh UV rays. A summer’s look is just not complete without sunglasses and you must know what are the best sunglasses to don that ideal look. 

To pick the right pair that complements your face shape and your fashion style, turn your head towards vintage eyewear for trendy design and durable material, not to mention the classic touch of nostalgia. Besides, nothing ever goes wrong in the fashion world when you mix modern with a dash of vintage. It always has been a hit and worked for several celebrities, fueling their fandom and increasing their followers.

Let’s get down to discussing some of the best sunglasses that provide the necessary sun protection and work their charm on enhancing your personality. If you have just stumbled upon this blog searching for the best quality shades to pair with your summer outfit, you’re at the right place.

Monsieur by Christian Dior

Top on our list of the best sunglasses is Monsieur by Christian Dior. Founded in 1946, this fashion brand rose to fame after bringing back the hourglass shape and became one of the best-known couture houses in the world. Christian Dior broke the internet a few years ago when it came to sunglasses with their new eyewear collection launch. Almost 70 years, Dior has held its mark in the fashion business and has been right on-trend ever since.

Monsieur by Christian Dior
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Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

The long-kept high-quality has made Monsieur by Christian Dior an ultimate fashion icon and one of the best sunglasses to grab. The chic neutral frame paired with mirrored glass is guaranteed to give you a classy retro look of the ‘80s.


Sport Metal by Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is definitely your answer to the question 'what are the best sunglasses?'. The brand has been creating one iconic style after another. Its retro sunshades have been influencing eyewear trends all over the world for many years now. Whether it is the Aviator, mirror round, or the sports metal, Ray-Ban eyewear adds the right amount of matchless class to any outfit. 

Sport Metal
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Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

According to our carefully analyzed statistics, the Sport Metal is one of the best sunglasses that Ray-Ban has ever come up with, designed with a 10K gold frame with Havana finishing and colored lenses giving it a perfect chic touch. This sunshade is one of the most wanted and rare models of the 90’s Ray-Ban Bausch & Lomb collection.


Sunjet by Carrera

Founded in 1956, Carerra is continuously delivering high-quality sunglasses. There is no doubt that this brand is synonymous with outstanding quality and pioneering designs. Moreover, Carrera is well known for combining classic sunglasses with a dash of urban lifestyle.

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Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Sunjet By Carrera is a scarce model which isn’t readily available on the market. The dark gold Havana frame with a grey lens gives it a stylish look that is guaranteed to make you stand out. One of its highlighted qualities is its lightweight frame appears light on the nose bridge and allows you extreme comfort upon wearing.

Australian Line by Alpina

Alpina is not only famous for its skiing shades but also for its classic and unique sunglasses. This brand is definitely one of the most legendary brands to offer vintage sunglasses and has been trendy since the ’80s.

Australian Line
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Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

The exclusive Australian Line by Alpina is a class on its own called “Australian Crew.” The gold frame with an interchangeable gradient lens makes it one of the best sunglasses suitable for both men and women.

Final Thoughts

Top, high market brands aim to manufacture stylish and high-quality eyewear for style-conscious people. They know what are the best sunglasses that keep up with the timeless fashion trends, maintain quality, and do their job of providing UV protection nicely. Many brands nowadays compromise on the quality of sunshades by filtering their primary aim of protection from the harsh UV light and only focusing on giving you a fantastic look. With vintage sunglasses, you won’t have to worry about this issue. Retro shapes, round and thick frames, and colorful lenses make the sunglasses striking to the buyers, and we at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses have a wide range of brands that produce eye-catching sunglasses that never go off-trend.

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