What Glasses Make you Look Younger?

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We all aspire to look younger than our actual age, and in the hopes of looking young forever, we adapt and follow trends that give off youthful vibes. But with the passage of time, the fashion we follow goes obsolete, igniting the need for another to be observed. Life keeps passing through the rat race of keeping up with trends and fashion emerging up and declining back; the cycle never ceases to stop. What if we find some everlasting means to keeping us young? Sunglasses are an excellent tool to maintain the charms and glories of youth intact. To conquer the issue of rapidly changing fashion, why not go for Vintage Sunglasses—an accessory that has represented history, cultural values, unparalleled quality and occupies an eternal space in the world of fashion. To find out what glasses make you look younger, let's explore the possible vintage options we have that can do the job. 

Carrera 5171 by Boss

Carrera 5171 by Boss
Image Source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

The name of the brand itself says a lot about the milestones and landmarks it has observed for decades. Numerous celebrities have had the pleasure of wearing the best of the eyewear from Carrera historically. Unlike the glasses produced in mass, Carrera 5170 by Boss is one of the rarest and most demanded sunglasses at present times. During the '80s, Hugo Boss and Carrera had cooperation at the time these sunglasses were launched in Austria. Since then, it has been almost half a millennia, but the craze and class of the sunglasses have not compromised even a pinch.


Alpina M1

Alpina M1
Image Source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Fashionwear doesn't work their charm unless they align with the fashion values of society and culture. Alpina does the needful with perfection. The brand enjoys unique fame internationally for the prescribed glasses and customized lenses that fit in any frame. Right from the day of its foundation in 1980, Alpina Ski & Surf, later called SWING, magnified positive fame and reputation in 1985; Alpina has not looked back. It's not only you who have fallen in love with Alpina M1, but Snoop Dog, Victoria Beckham, Stevie Wonder, and numerous other international celebrities with global fame have worn the sunglasses. Get yourselves one of the most wanted glasses since 1986 but not available all over to look timelessly younger forever.


Ferrari F20/S

Image Source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

Want to know what glasses make you look younger? Give the Ferrari brand a try. Ferrari has its footmarks firmly cemented in the sunglasses industry. The prestigious look and design the brand maintain always keeps Ferrari in the limelight. From the 1980s, an exclusive range of luxurious Ferrari sunglasses and their complementing sports cars are available for purchase to date. However, Ferrari F20/S is a rare eyewear jewel not available so readily in the market. Its brilliant combination of red frames and grey shield lenses is the 90s bestseller and still maintains the noble and classy status. Once you star with this iconic frame, its style, color, outlook, and quality stops your youth in its tracks and do not let you age.

Lacoste 125

Lacoste 125 is a true testament to the brands' preferences and priorities. These sunglasses not only make you look chic but will bring cut your age down to 10 years or so.

Image Source: Genuine Vintage Sunglasses

The French-origin brand introduced their evergreen sunglasses when the only focused sport discussed and followed religiously was Tennis. Lacoste is one brand that has kept the love and craze of people intact, all the while maintaining the rise in graph steady. It has manufactured designs that have won the hearts of many with its pretty and elegant frames. The straightforward elegance adds a simple yet attractive touch to your outfit.

None of Lacoste's sunglasses compromise style over comfort and quality. Each piece in the product line is produced with the aim of providing the utmost comfort to the eyes. If you are impressed to get vintage beauty, try our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses store to find the best vintage frames of all time.

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