Obsession with Vintage – Vintage Sunglasses: The All-Time Favorites

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Our love for everything vintage is never-ending. When you are drawn towards an old antique piece of art instead of the mass-produced product, have you wondered why these vintage products have such a deep value attached to them compared to the mass-produced objects? Maybe if we shift our focus on 'how' rather than 'why,' we may be able to get to the bottom of this.

Imagine a few decades from now, a generation that never knew our existence; in a hypothetical scenario, they stumble across our stuff and find objects unknown to them. Wouldn't they find it interesting? It is because "Antiques" speak to us the volumes of history. Each vintage item comes with a priceless value attached to it because it has bided its time and waited for years to become exciting and unique and is ready to tell its story to its new owner.

Our Love for Vintage

The value attributed to vintage is because these are one-of-a-kind pieces that no longer exist in our world—a unique item that is now only in your possession.

Many vintage items are handcrafted, retaining absolute value and enviable craftsmanship. In a society that has adapted to revolution, vintage has aimed for truth, leaving behind anything arbitrary. Vintage is "avant-garde" of the culture that values the abstract. Most people who look for vintage items do so because each product has a unique story to tell, as opposed to its counterpart, mass-produced stuff that aims to win favors with the general crowd.

Every vintage item that we now see was designed with an aim that adds value to the culture of that time. Be it Neo Style Sunglasses by Elvis Presley or flowy ball-gowns worn by princesses and elites, each item has sustained the culture and has sentimental value attached to them. Now, when people go for vintage items, they want to express themselves in a unique style that adds glitz to their personalities. A single vintage piece can add the "wow factor" to your signature style.

Vintage is the old new Hero

The fast-moving fashion industry is one of the highest contributors to the world pollution. To keep up with the latest trends, billions of garments and fashion accessories are produced and restocked in the collection every month, which pressures the human minds into buying needlessly and then discarding the items. Now imagine its impact on the environment and overall resource use. Vintage products here actually come to the rescue, like a hero, high in aesthetics and saving the world by reducing the carbon footprint.


What Qualifies as Vintage?

A variety of things can be vintage and typically indicate something that is over a decade old and has a certain value. Vintage products are primarily pieces from the 1920s to the 1990s. Anything before that is classified as antique - almost putting them in the category of art. The term vintage is often misused when people deal with second-hand merchandise; it is completely misunderstood with retro-style items. Retro is an inspired product that is reminiscent of the past, especially the 1980s. A vintage item, on the other hand, is an authentic piece of history that has found its way into the modern world.

Vintage Sunglasses Are the Most Prized Vintage Item

Vintage sunglasses are hands down one of the most prized vintage possession for people. Vintage clothes typically draw attention for their appealing looks, while sunglasses sing their birth and brought-up stories on stages. They call out to the general public like sirens. Clothes are those vintage pieces that retain the values but lose quality, whereas sunglasses go a long way. They add a signature style to your personality and have the potential to enhance your everyday outfit.

"I wonder what kind of Sunglasses will best fit my face?"

If you are interested in buying vintage sunglasses but are delaying the process because you are not sure which sunglasses will best fit your face, let us shed some light on the topic. There is no universal law that outlines which sunglasses best fit your face. While face shape is important when choosing a pair, carrying it with style is the only thing that matters at the end of the day.


Our obsession with vintage is our obsession with uniqueness. When you reach out for vintage, you try to rid yourself of the revolutionary mindset and grab something out of the reach of the masses. Moreover, a vintage object also impacts the environment by reducing toxic waste production—it is always a win-win.  While each vintage piece in the fashion industry has a priceless value, vintage sunglasses are something that can be resourceful for many years to come. They retain value more than garments and give you a signature look. Vintage sunglasses are an expensive accessory, so naturally, people would worry about which one to buy that would complement their style on a daily basis. We have answered a few questions that will help you select your perfect pair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top queries that popped up on our channel regarding sunglasses and face shapes. We have answered these questions and offered insights and recommendations based on our expertise.

"Which Vintage Sunglasses will best fit my Square Shape Face?"

Square-faced women are likely to dazzle the world with these iconic Carrera 5220 and 5238 "Sunjet" sunglasses. These small round frames will snatch the sharp edge from your square face, and you can carry of this look in the days to come.

"I have a Round Face; which Sunglasses Will Fit my Face the best?"

Women with a more rounded face shape should generally choose sunglasses that are more angular at the corners to add definition to the face.

"Which sunglasses will compliment my Heart-Shaped Face?"

A heart shape or a triangular face has more width on the forehead area and is narrowed towards the chin. Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses will bring a balance to this face shape with its classic shape. Heart-faced women can flaunt these vintage sunglasses with every outfit, choosing from a variety of colored lenses and optical features.

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