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Vintage Carrera Sunglasses

Carrera is a brand that holds a firm place within the eyewear industry since it was founded in 1956 by the infamous Wilhelm Anger. Carrera later held its mark through its sunglasses since it was initially created to provide sports glasses.

Carrera sunglasses have built their name over the years to provide people with a lavish lifestyle look and leave room for no doubt due to their outstanding durability. Their specially crafted design and outlook give assurance that they are a work of art that could be suitable for any specific occasion.

Original Carrera Vintage Glasses

The material used to create Vintage Carrera sunglasses is unique since it is a different type of plastic called hypoallergenic, making the glasses 20% more durable and lighter than other materials used within different sunglasses. Hypoallergenic was later named Optyl due to its high qualities allowing stability and comfort. When it comes to Carrera, there are various frames and a collection of sunglasses that come in all different shapes and colors, like round frames or square frames that are best suited depending on your taste.

Different models of Carrera Frames: Aviators, Scarface, Tony Montana, 5621, 5622, 5623...

People can find a vast variety of rare Vintage Carrera sunglasses on our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses online store. Carrera has been divided into two categories which include men’s and women’s Carrera Vintage sunglasses. The men’s sunglasses have been created to give them an artistic and stylish look suitable for every male individual. The Carrera sunglasses for women have been designed to provide a modern look and a more professional look.

Popularity soon grew when it came to Carrera since people knew them for their innovation of different sunglasses for both personal and sports use. Carrera was later known as a high-end sunglasses brand for both style and quality.