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Ferrari Vintage Sunglasses

Ferrari is a brand name that speaks for itself. Other than fast cars, the brand also deals in sunglasses. Vintage Ferrari sunglasses still have a stronghold within the eyewear market due to their prestigious look and design. 

Ferrari recognized a lot of demand for luxury accessories at the end of the 1980s and began manufacturing race-like luxury sunglasses in their sports cars’ style. While doing so, Ferrari concentrated entirely on its clients and exclusively manufactured men's Ferrari sunglasses, which became quite popular among men, offering them a stylish look.

In addition to their unique design, Ferrari used materials from vehicle construction for the sunglasses collection, made of aluminum, a frame made of carbon, or sunglasses made of fiberglass. The manufacturers chose each material to create perfect high-quality sunglasses that would never leave an option of doubt among its customers. 

Authentic Ferrari retro sunglasses

Ferrari’s sunglasses made their customers feel exclusive by satisfying them with the design, performance and giving them a taste of luxury lifestyle. These Italian Vintage Ferrari sunglasses aviator have become challenging to find in good condition due to their high demand, but they can be found in our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses store.

We sell original "Made in Italy" vintage Ferrari sunglasses from the 1980's. Their trademark - the jumping horse - is on all our Ferrari eyewear, which speaks for itself.