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Playboy Vintage Sunglasses

Playboy has always been considered an iconic brand, especially when they first introduced their eyewear in the ‘70s. It was the time they came on top in the stylish and fashionable department. Playboy had struck between Optyl-Carrera to provide vintage-looking sunglasses that were lightweight and stylish, known as Playboy sunglasses.
The brand provided various eyewear frames that would look good on any facial structure. Each frame bestowed the wearer a touch of exclusive personality, which is the main reason why several celebrities adore playboy sunglasses. 

Play boy frames 70s & 80s

This line of eyewear is not your basic, run-of-the-mill, mass-produced sunglasses collection. It is so much more than that! Optyl - a super cool material invented by Wilhelm Anger from Austria - produced this line in the '70s & '80s. It's a resin-based plastic that you will find many Optyl frames from the '70s and '80s, more commonly in Playboy vintage sunglasses that bear the Austria trademark. 

Different eyewears Play-boy: aviators, metal oval, men, women...

With the miracle material, Optyl also made frames for Dior, Dunhill, Carrera, and P.Picasso in the same era. It combined with an '80s fashion style, the Playboy Eyewear collection - retro-chic - made for the bold and beautiful. Today, these vintage Playboy frames have become an iconic statement and thus extremely difficult to find. However, they can be found in our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses store in mint condition like most of our sunglasses