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Alpina Sunglasses Vintage

In 1980, Alpina - the subsidiary of Uvex - was founded in Derching, Bavaria. In 1985 Alpina Ski & Surf shield eyewear was launched (later SWING), which became the top-selling Alpina sports spectacles globally. The successful production of Alpina sports spectacles led to the introduced Alpina sunglasses shortly after. 

In the words of the brand itself- "Some people are born to want it all. Style and function. Performance and grace. Good looks and an amazing brain. Quality and user-friendliness. Continuation of steady growth." 

Alpina glasses: aviators, gold, women, men...

Alpina always had a focus on manufacturing optics for various uses. Alpina sunglasses were manufactured to give folks a specific look that helped them achieve great personalities. Alpina manufactured its sunglasses with high-quality material, making them comfortable for fashion enthusiasts. 

These German-branded sunglasses stand out from the rest. Why so? Alpina sunglasses allowed customized lenses or prescriptions that could fit in any frame, letting people enjoy a luxury look while keeping their vision perfectly strong.

Alpina M1 & M6 Sunglasses

Alpina also created a line of luxury and high-performance sunglasses M1 – M8, one of the most wanted vintage Alpina sunglasses models these days. They are ultra-rare and difficult to locate in the market. However, various models are available in our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses store. Each model was different looks, designs, and shades, ranging in diversity that suited both men and women.